Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Top Ten (or Five, actually, or maybe Six...): Mike Rose

After posting about Jeff Taylor's book, I settled into a bath to refresh my memory of the next book I want to write about. ( I do most of my reading in the bathtub, make of it what you will.) The next book is by Mike Rose, and I see on second reading that he is a fan of Jeff Taylor, too. And just as I had lamented the lack of power tools in Jeff's book, here is what Mike Rose had to say: "Someone, following Jeff Taylor's lead, should write a subsequent book on the 'art and craft' of the power tool: an attempt to render the knack and judgment required for the router, the jointer, the band saw."

Wow. I think I'm onto a theme here. Mike Rose is almost a god. More in my next post...

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