Friday, December 4, 2009

You're such a lovely audience

You can't have a reading without an audience.

Here are a few of the local folks who came not to read but to listen - and eat and drink and be with friends - on our most recent Lit Night at Sullivan's Pub in La Honda.

And in La Honda, you can't have a reading without a bartender:

Next Lit Night, by the way, will be December 30.

Should be a lively night - lots of college kids home on vacation.

Book Signing

I'll be selling and signing copies of my books this coming Sunday, December 6 at the Peninsula School Crafts Fair. Is a writer a craftsman? I think so. I'll be there among the wooden toys, the hand-dipped candles, the jars of honey, the tie-dye shirts.

I'll have a big stack of Clear Heart and another stack of Quake! and a few copies of my other books as well, including the hard-to-find underground classic, Famous Potatoes.

Peninsula School is on Peninsula Way in Menlo Park, California. The Crafts Fair runs from 11 to 4.

Stop by and say hi.