Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sherrie Stanley

Sherrie Stanley builds patio furniture in her yard near Sacramento. Every once in a while, she loads a pile of it in the back of her pickup and hauls it a hundred miles to La Honda, where she drives around looking for people who might buy it. She knocked on my door. The price was good - no middleman. Sure, I could've built them myself. But, as my wife pointed out, I hadn't. And I wouldn't for a long time.

I bought two chairs and a table.

No hassling with idiots at Home Depot. No dollars flying to China. A hardworking woman, a solid chair.

Good deal for both of us.

Update May 14, 2011: Sherrie just stopped by my house (selling more furniture) and said I could post her number.  Her cell (preferred) is 209-401-3504.  Her office is 916-689-4429.


  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to get in touch with Sherrie to see when the next time plans to come out to Half Moon Bay. Do you have her email or phone number? I've been asking around town but nobody has her information.


  2. Send me an email, Jeff, and I'll help you out. I don't know if she wants her number posted online.


  3. Update May 14, 2011: Sherrie just stopped by my house (selling more furniture) and said I could post her number. Her cell (preferred) is 209-401-3504. Her office is 916-689-4429.

  4. I will vouch for her. My dad bought some chairs and a table from her, in Berkeley - loved it. My mom, also in Berkeley, bought a round table and 4 small benches - amazing price, super high quality. I live in Sacramento and am going to buy a long backyard table from her.

  5. She's the best! I have purchased from her a couple of times through the years. Thanks Joe for having this info online. I had lost her number and now, thanks to you, I just placed an order. Cheers!

  6. Most excellent product. We have purchased of the truck from them 2x, and will make another purchase soon. Best. - sw