Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading at Sullivan's Pub

After a week of pneumonia, of sounding like my own death rattle, I miraculously recovered today at least enough to go to Sullivan's for their second monthly reading event. Again there was a warm room and a warm crowd. Several new readers presented themselves. We heard haiku, short stories, and even sang along to William Blake.

I read two passages from Clear Heart: Abe's first day of work, and then FrogGirl's. I was then tempted to skip to the end and read Eric's first day, but it would have given away too much.

Next month, the reading event will fall on April Fools Day. I'll be there, reading again. Come on down. There's beer on tap, a wood-burning stove, a friendly crowd. A great La Honda tradition, open to anyone.

(Drawing by Shirley Bortoli from my book Son of a Poet)

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