Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pesky Paparazzi

Now that sales of Clear Heart are up in the hundreds and the name Joe Cottonwood is recognized by at least two bartenders around the world, those pesky paparazzi follow me everywhere. Of course, they showed up for last week's reading at Sullivan's Pub.

Before the photos can hit the tabloids, I managed to obtain a few and - in an exclusive scoop - will post them here. First there's the attentive crowd:

And then we have some of the local writers who had the courage to stand in front of a rowdy group that was armed with Newcastle Ale and steaming hamburgers. David LeCount, who is never without a writing implement:

Diane Moomey:

Thomas Krempetz:
David Rock:

Tom Lichtenberg:

The crowd sang along with Tom Devine, who had put a William Blake poem to music:
Also reading, though missed by the paparazzi, were Terry Adams and Lynnette Vega.

Next extravaganza will take place on April Fool's Day. I'll be reading a passage from my upcoming podcast with a very talented young lady, Caroline Graham, who can do an uncanny imitation of a spirited and willful 13-year-old girl. Come join us at Sullivan's. We will applaud you.

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