Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Top Ten (or Five, actually, or maybe Six...)

Kari Hultman of The Village Carpenter has posted her Top Ten woodworking books and thus moved me to consider the books that have inspired me over the years. Her bias, naturally, is for books about furniture and hand tools. One title on her list sounds like something I want to read right away - interestingly enough, it's called The Village Carpenter by Walter Rose, and I've just ordered a copy.

I think I'll tackle the books one at a time over a period of days.


  1. Hope you like the book, Joe. And I hope you were able to find it at a decent price. Every so often, it gets pretty salty.

  2. I ordered a used paperback for about $12. And after 35 years in construction, I guess I can handle the forkin' salt.