Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So I walked into a bar last week. The bartender squinted her eyes and said, "Hey! Are you Joe Cottonwood?"


"I knew you from your book cover. I just bought Clear Heart to give my boyfriend for Christmas."

Now that's fame. Earlier this year, I got an email from a bartender in Liverpool, England who'd read Famous Potatoes.

And speaking of honors, I woke up this morning to read:
2008 Founders Choice Awards

This year’s five Founders Choice Awards for excellence in serialized audiobook production for titles here on go to:

About the Founders Choice Awards

The Founders Choice Awards are given annually — well, they will be given annually — to serialized audiobooks of impeccable quality.
Hey. My podcast wins awards. And bartenders all over the world are buying my novels.

Impeccable quality and a happy new year, everybody!


  1. That's awesome, about bartenders and awards.

    I'm going to get your book from podcast. My husband just bought me a 160 GB iPod and it's filled with books with some scattering of music and some pictures of my five children.

    I actually got here looking for Q title of a book for a reading challenge that I'm trying this year.

  2. I see you like romances, so give it a try. Clear Heart is a romance - but don't tell my male readers. It's a romance from the male point of view.