Sunday, December 14, 2008

Attention, shoppers...

For those of you who hate Amazon, I'm pleased that my novel Clear Heart can now be purchased at several fine establishments, including the San Gregorio Store in San Gregorio, CA (pop 287), serving the bicycle and surf trade. The store itself is well worth the trip. Good live music on weekends. You might even spot me somewhere near the bar, and you might spot my son playing guitar with John Fuller.
Mountain Made, seen in the above photo to the left of Alice's Restaurant in Woodside, CA, also has copies of Clear Heart. If you're out on your motorcycle and suddenly must have some good reading, stop by and check it out.
If your taste runs to the more conventional book store, Moon News in Half Moon Bay is a friendly, well-lit place which happens to sell Clear Heart. I go to the open mic there every couple of months and join other local writers for 10 minutes of whatever we feel like reading aloud.

I'd like to make my book available in at least one store in San Francisco, and the East Bay, and San Jose, and maybe in Marin - stores with friendly management who welcome local authors. Any suggestions on where I should go?


  1. I got my copies Friday; I'm thrilled.

    A substantial book in print, it feels good in the hand.

    Is that the author's blood on the cover,
    Mr. Cottonwood . . . ?

  2. Nope. Not the cover. But before that, I spilled my blood on every page.

    In the San Gregorio Store on Saturday I was at the bar watching a man at the book table pick up Clear Heart and consider buying it. He hefted it, as if weight mattered, studied the back cover and thumbed a couple of pages. Then he set it down.

    So I ordered a stronger drink.