Friday, October 19, 2012

Lit Night Comes Early

Lit Night is our traditional reader/writer blowout in the bar section of Cafe Cuesta in La Honda.  Normally we meet on the last Wednesday of the month.  In October, however, too many goblins will be roaming the streets, and frankly we're scared of them.  So - notifying a week in advance, for the travel plans of all you people in Australia and Azerbaijan* - please be informed that this time Lit Night will be October 24.  I'll be there reading my heart out.  So will Terry Adams and a bunch of others.  Drop by, have a beer, listen.  Or read something.  It's an open mic.  We're friendly. 

(All the works on this poster -and there are many more, I ran out of room - were written by La Honda authors who have read at Lit Night.)

*Last month we had a visitor from Greece.

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