Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poets Pounding Nails

Today after 106 consecutive daily posts about my own work life (with the emphasis on "life"), I'm going to take a break and talk about other authors who write about working in the building trades. 

There are several authors I've read and quoted and reviewed in my Clear Heart blog.  Some of the writers are tradespeople themselves, others are observers.  Most are poets. 

If you want to read about work in the trades, here are some people to know:

Joseph Millar, poet:

"Red Wing" from Fortune.

"Fat City" from Overtime.

"Tools" from Fortune.

"Telephone Repairman" from Overtime.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

Mark Turpin, poet:

"Gene Lance" from Hammer: Poems

"Before Groundbreak" from Hammer: Poems

"Last Hired" and "The Box" from Hammer: Poems.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

Gary L. Lark, poet:

"Becoming a Librarian" from Men at the Gates.

"Getting By" from Men at the Gates.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

"Driving Nails" from Getting By.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

"Men at the Gates" from Men at the Gates.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

Sue Doro, poet:

"Red Dust" from Blue Collar Goodbyes.

"Where's My Hammer?" and "Paper Napkin Poem for Larry" from Heart, Home & Hard Hats.

Clemens Starck, poet:

"Changing the Alternator Belt in your 504" from Journeyman's Wages.

"Putting in Footings" from Journeyman's Wages. 

"Journeyman's Wages" from Journeyman's Wages.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

"A Brief Lecture on Door Closers" from Traveling Incognito.  (In the Writer's Almanac blog.)

Terry Adams, poet:

"Last Draft" from Adam's Ribs.

"Pieta" and "The Dump" from Adam's Ribs.


Jody Procter, carpenter, actor, memoirist:
Toil: Building Yourself 

Support the poets.

Buy their books.

Keep them writing.

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