Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Four Dog Riot is Live!

The first 7 episodes of the podcast audiobook Four Dog Riot are now live.  For the tech-savvy, you can get them (free!) from podiobooks.com.  For the iTunes users, you can get them (free!) from the iTunes "store" by searching for "Four Dog Riot" and clicking the "subscribe" button.

For the 99% of the world who have no idea what a podcast is or how to obtain one, please consult a local teenager.

You can listen to a 3 minute preview here.

There will be 6 more episodes.  I'll have them available at a rate of at least one per week until all 13 are uploaded.

A word of warning:  You may have to grit your teeth through a jarring 30 second ad that's been tacked onto the beginning of the episodes.  I get nothing from the ads, but they help support my host, podiobooks.com. 

After all 13 episodes are uploaded, I'll make the novel available as an ebook on Smashwords.  I have no plans for a print version at this time.  This is the first work I've ever created where the music is an integral part of the story, so the podcast is really the best way to enjoy it.

And I hope you do enjoy it.

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