Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reading tonight

We've switched our readings to the last Wednesday of the month, so this coming Wednesday, April 29, come down and hear La Honda's literary best - and maybe some of its worst. So far, the quality's been pretty high. Last time we had readers from age 14 to 74 and subjects from the sublime to the bawdy. This time, who knows? I've been in touch with an award-winning popular writer who wants to take part. Let's hope he can join us.

As for myself, I'm about to embark on a book tour of Italy to promote a new edition of an old novel called Famous Potatoes. In Italian, it's called Famose Patate. To get myself in shape, I'll be reading from it (in English) and - fair warning - I may even sing a few words from the song that's interwoven into the story. For some reason little Joe Cottonwood is still remembered in Italy. Come down to Sullivan's and see if you can figure out what they see in him. And then please tell me, because I really can't figure it out, either.

Sullivan's Pub. Doors open at 5. Readings start at 6:30 more or less. Good food, friendly folks.

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