Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Susan Walker is back!!!

I'm delighted to report that the silky, terrifying, sexy, grumbling, girl-next-door voice of Susan Walker will return to my next podcast. Last night we recorded parts of Boone Barnaby with Susan's chameleon-voice covering about half a dozen small parts. I've got some vacation ahead plus the distractions of readying Clear Heart for publication, so the completed podcast of Boone Barnaby won't be available until October. But I think you'll find it's worth the wait.

Meanwhile John Nemerovski took some photos of me for the Clear Heart book jacket. I always thought I should pose wearing my beat-up old leather tool belt, sagging with too many tools and nails and garbage, but instead here I am standing in front of my bookshelf surrounded by Richard Brautigan, E E Cummings, James Dickey, Carl Sandburg, Robert Creeley, Jane Hirshfield, Ogden Nash, Erin Noteboom, William Carlos Williams, Frank O'Hara... Nice company for an author.


  1. AWESOME! I'm so glad to hear Susan will be adding her voice to another story. She was so delightful to listen to in Clear Heart and I'm anxious for more.

    And published Clear Heart hmm? I've really got to start saving my pennies!

  2. You Know I listen to Clear Heart a while ago and loved it, subscribed to your blog from a woodworking, carpentry blog search, never put the two together till today, talk about old carpenters being as dense as piece old pine. anyway just wanted to let you know I'm a fan. your a shining example of how complex carpenters and craftsman are, not just beer sucking Neanderthal with hammers and saws

  3. Hey Joey, I'm trying to prepare a post about other carpenters who are writers. Poets, actually. The problem is that they are busy doing their jobs and haven't had time to talk to me. Stay tuned.

  4. Fantastic news, Joe. Susan did an outstanding job, and your voices play perfectly off one another. Now I'm doubly looking forward to the new project!


  5. Great update...Joe. My heart melts to get a visual, a picture of Susan, friend for almost 30 treasured years. This is exciting for me...you two are a superb union for recording. Bless you, special blessings to Susan.

  6. Hearing that Clear Heart is going to publication and that there is another book in the queue - It is a wonderful thing.

    I'm looking forward to joining some of your wonderful characters again - Please let us all know when that book is available!

    All the best


  7. In my own defense I have this blog bookmarked, but there's no denying I don't visit often. Better late than never?

    Love the pictures. Is a that a dog beside Susan? Most pets do not cooperate to that extent!

  8. Yes, that was a real dog. His name was Arno, and I posted a tribute to him in this blog earlier. I miss him, and so does Susan. Arno and Susan had a special bond.

  9. I couldn't stand it...seeing Susan and Amo's pic pop up again melted my heart..they both are now tiled as my wallpaper, the vision brings me much joy.