Thursday, August 7, 2008

Power Tool Races, Part Two

It's summer, it's the silly season. Even in the New York Times for Pete's sake, buried among the deep-think analysis of the Major Problems of Mankind, is an article about power tool racing. (You have to sign in to read it.) What bums me is that they report on a recent power tool race in San Mateo, California, which is just a hop skip and jump (and a couple gallons of gas) from where I live - and I missed it! I really should get out more.

Here's a great video of power tools racing.

There's a web site devoted to racing power tools:

Here's a web site with instructions on how to build your own power saw drag racer.

And here's a podcast of how to become a power tool racer.

I ought to mention HazardFactory, which seems to be in the thick of the whole power tool racing phenomenon.

Be creative. Have fun. And - please - watch your fingers.

Gentlemen (and Ladies), start your engines!

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