Monday, June 30, 2008

32 Ounce Framing Hammer

James Adams - cabinet maker, good man, and beloved town crank - gave this hammer to me. It's a 32 ounce framer and was used to build Daly City back in the 1950's. The handle is cracked with age, and a good whack would probably break it. Perhaps that's why my dog Dakota is viewing it with suspicion. There's engraving on the head which I can't quite make out, but it ends in TTO. Does anybody know what brand that is?

You don't see many 32 ounce hammers these days. A finish hammer is 16 ounces, a framer is usually 22 ounces, and for sustained nailing most likely you'd use a pneumatic nailer instead. I like to think about the places this old hammer has been, the houses it's built, the tool belts it's hung on, the forearms it's tested.

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