Monday, July 22, 2013

Oobie Doobie Doo

Su Teears, lead vocal on "Oobie Doobie Doo"
Writing a song is like having a child.  In spite of all your nurturing, that child will grow up in ways that surprise you to become an independent soul.

Back around 1973, one of the first songs I ever wrote was called "Oobie Doobie Doo."  My friend Tony Juliano liked its essential weirdness, modified it, and started including it in the repertoire of Johnny's Dance Band, his popular Philadelphia rock group.

Now, forty years later, Tony and his Johnny's Dance Band are having a revival.  They're performing again in the Philly area and one of their most popular songs is "Oobie Doobie Doo."  Their version is highly satiric and includes a tuba.  Very silly, great fun.  Tony has always been a terrific stage performer.

If you had told me back in 1973 that "Oobie Doobie Doo" would be climbing the Hit Parade forty years later, I'd have recommended drug rehab.

Here it is:
"Oobie Doobie Doo" performed by Johnny's Dance Band

Honestly I had no idea the song would turn out like that. 

The New Johnny's Dance Band

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