Monday, April 8, 2013

365 Jobs: Fifty-Pound Chandelier

Friday, October 16, 1987

Fifty-Pound Chandelier

I'm installing a fifty-pound chandelier in Atherton.  To place my ladder, I have to move a massive walnut table. 

Mrs. W is watching me closely.  "Don't hurt that table," she says.  "It's the reason we bought the house."

"It came with the house?" I ask.

"No.  I bought the dining room set for our old house, but it didn't fit, so we bought a new house."

Atherton is a different world.


  1. I like her reasoning. It doesn't fit here, buy something bigger so it does fit.

  2. I had a cigarette-smoking uncle who would buy a new car every year. When I asked him what was wrong with the old one, he'd say, "The ashtrays got full."