Monday, February 13, 2012

Boone Barnaby is now an Amazon Kindle

Same story as with Babcock.  Now The Adventures of Boone Barnaby is available as a Kindle edition from amazon.  For $0.99.  You can order it with this link.

For those rabid amazon-haters, rest assured that The Adventures of Boone Barnaby  is still available as an eBook from smashwords, too, though the title on smashwords is listed as simply Boone Barnaby.  Same price:  $0.99.

In a week or so, I'll also make Danny Ain't available as an eBook at both amazon and smashwords.  My only digital copy of Danny Ain't is in an old format which will require days of twiddling before it can be uploaded.  I'll need strong coffee and strong eyeglasses to get through it.

Together with Babcock, the three books are the San Puerco Trilogy.  Each book can be read independently of the others in any order.  If you want to follow the actual time sequence of the books, the order would be:

The Adventures of Boone Barnaby
Danny Ain't

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