Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coming up next: Four Dog Riot

Melody Pilotte is a delightful young artist with a passion for vivid watercolors.  I've engaged her to design the "cover" for my upcoming podcast of Four Dog Riot.  We had a two hour meeting over coffee at Peet's in Half Moon Bay, wherein I explained the concept of Four Dog Riot, and she came up with this napkin sketch:

Since then, we've collaborated by email and one further meeting in Half Moon Bay, this time at Starbucks because she's started working there.  (I suspect the world of developing artists would collapse without coffee shops for both fuel and employment.)  (Matter of fact, I'm sitting in a Menlo Park Starbucks as I write this.)  (Matter of fact, Four Dog Riot takes place in Menlo Park.)

The current state of the cover is this:

We'll see where it goes from here.

I'm very proud of Four Dog Riot and can't wait to release it.  Later, I'll start talking about what the story is.  Here's a hint: there are four human faces on the cover.  One guitar.  And no dogs…

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