Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ah, technology ...

So far, three of my books are available as ebooks on Smashwords.com. Right now I'm preparing to upload a fourth. So I thought I'd check the formatting of my previous books to see if I could conform to the same style. When I checked, here on the left is what one of them looked like.

Here on the right is what it used to look like.

What changed?

I dunno.

All I know is I'm working real hard to make my books available at incredibly cheap prices as ebooks, and then the technology gets "upgraded" and everything turns into garbage. Sheesh.

If anybody reading this blog has downloaded one of my ebooks and is having any problem viewing it, please contact me.

Smashwords converts my manuscript into all the various ebook formats including PDF. What I am displaying here are PDF pages that have somehow become unreadable. I can't check the EPUB and MOBI or any of those proprietary files because I don't have a Kindle or any of those nice reading devices. So if you have one, and if my books are unreadable, please let me know. Otherwise I'll never find out that Smashwords needs to fix them. And you'll never get to read them.

In this case, I think the problem is that one of Apple's routine system upgrades has changed the Preview program, which is how I view PDF documents. The same document still looks good when viewed with Adobe Reader. It used to look good in Preview, too, but now it doesn't.

I'm sure Kindle and all those other reading systems upgrade their systems periodically. What happens to people with old files?

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