Thursday, August 27, 2009

Babcock: The podcast is live!

At last! The first five episodes of the Babcock podcast are now up and running! I'll be adding one or two episodes every week until we reach the end - there will be 13 episodes in all. You can download the podcast directly from (warning, this requires some technical smarts) or you can do what 98% of my listeners do (including myself) and download the podcast episodes from iTunes. Just go to the iTunes "store" and search for Joe Cottonwood. They're free.

For all you Susan Walker fans, she's back and covering multiple female roles, multiple ages, multiple personalities, each with a distinct voice and with Susan's sensitive interpretation that adds so much to the meaning of each character.

One new voice - and the only female role not covered by Susan Walker - is Caroline Graham doing the voice of Kirsten. Caroline does an amazing interpretation of a spirited 13-year-old girl. Since recording the podcast with me, Caroline just appeared in a stage production of the rock opera Tommy. She's done Shakespeare, too. She's also a writer. You'll be hearing more from this talented young woman.Playing the role of Danny (as he also did in the podcast of Boone Barnaby), you'll hear the voice of Michael Minard. Mike has written music for several movies and tv shows (including a long run on Sesame Street) and is a wildly popular music teacher in New York and Oregon.The role of Boone is voiced by Aidan Wing, who is both a talented musician (he's one of the instrumentalists on the Clear Heart music) and a careful carpenter:
Another local La Honda talent, David Rock, supplies the voice of the character named Law. (He's the one on the promo shouting "Go. Go, man!")
Will Fourt plays the role of Dylan. Also, more importantly, he's the singer and co-songwriter of all the music on the Babcock podcast. It's such a pleasure to write songs with Will. He was also the singer on the Boone Barnaby and Clear Heart podcasts.

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