Friday, January 16, 2009

Boone Barnaby on iTunes

The podcast of Boone Barnaby is up and running on iTunes. Search the iTunes store for "Boone Barnaby" and then click on the "subscribe" button. The price? It's free.

Now how do I alert all the 10 to 12-year-olds of the world that this story is available and that they would like it? And that their parents will enjoy it just as much? (The great secret of children's books - the better ones, anyway - is that grown-ups usually enjoy them even more than their kids do.)

Seriously - how do you publicize to fourth, fifth, sixth graders? And how do you do it without spending any money?

For a free PDF of Boone Barnaby, click here. For a used paperback copy of the book - for the price of one penny (how do they make a profit?) - click here.

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  1. Make friends with librarians. Seriously. It's the way into the elementary school crowd. Offer to do readings during school years, volunteer time at a school or to teach a creative writing course. All of these cost you nothing but time and a little gas money if you don't have too many middle/elementary schools in your area.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog -- though we tend to write for, review for and read stuff for the 14+ age group, we're always happy to find a kindred spirit who writes!

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