Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lit Night in La Honda

On the last Wednesday of every month, we hold Lit Night in the bar of Cafe Cuesta (formerly Sullivan's Pub) in La Honda.  This coming Wednesday, June 27, I'll be celebrating the imminent publication in ebook form of my novel Danny Ain't

Lit Night provides a casual, friendly, somewhat-lubricated audience for writers to try their voice in front of a live microphone.  There is always a mix: amateur and pro, beginner and experienced, story-tellers and poets. Some of it is awful; much of it is very very good.  We've had readers as young as middle school and as doddering as myself.  We have a veterinarian who tells animal stories (and plays the harmonica).  We have highbrow literature mixed with cowboy poets.  It's fun.

Among the writers who have joined us are:
David E. LeCount
David Strohm (publisher of Boomerang)
and several more whose names who will come to me after I post this.

I've been informed that Lit Night conflicts with ukelele night in Mullumbimby Australia.  Possibly there are other conflicts in other parts of the world.  But to those of you without conflict, I extend a hearty invitation.  Come on down to Cafe Cuesta in La Honda, have a beer and get Lit!

Note: The poster for Lit Night this month uses the cover image from Danny Ain't.  I'll blog more about Danny Ain't in a few days, after Amazon Kindle and Apple ibook and Barnes & Noble Nook and all those big-biz sites get their links straightened out.


  1. Uke night has moved to Monday in Mullumbimby so it doesn't conflict anymore. That frees things up.