Thursday, June 28, 2012

Danny Ain't is now an ebook

After many roadblocks and frustrations, at last my novel Danny Ain't is available as an ebook.  With this addition, all three titles of The San Puerco Trilogy can be purchased as an Amazon Kindle edition, an Apple ibook, a Barnes & Noble Nook edition, or from any other seller of ebooks including my favorite, Smashwords.

I had a pleasant surprise when I returned to the Danny manuscript to prepare it for the ebook format:  I was amazed to see how current the topic is.  Though written 20 years ago, Danny Ain't foreshadows the whole 1% versus 99% that is part of the Occupy Wall Street discussion.  The character Danny has a very clear eye in observing the differences between rich and poor.  Danny, of course, is dirt poor.

The lovely painting on the bookcover is by Melody Pilotte.  Melody loves coyotes, and — special bonus — she has Cherokee blood.  When she learned that the character Danny is also part Cherokee, Melody tackled the project with passion.

Here's the bookjacket blurb:

A better title might be DANNY COYOTE because that's what the book is about:  Danny, and a couple of coyotes who befriend him.  Danny's father blows a hole in the television with a rifle and then goes into a hospital for a while, leaving Danny to live alone in a trailer with no money and little food.  That's when the coyotes start coming to visit.  Coyotes are tricksters.  Coyotes are clever survivors.  So is Danny as he learns what kind of human being he truly is — and what kind he ain't.

DANNY AIN'T is part of the San Puerco Trilogy, three award-winning novels that have been loved by adults and children alike, about the adventures of three boys in the scrappy little town of San Puerco, California.  Other titles in the trilogy are THE ADVENTURES OF BOONE BARNABY and BABCOCK.

"A finely crafted story. The characters are enormously appealing." — School Library Journal

"The author of THE ADVENTURES OF BOONE BARNABY returns to the small town of San Puerco for another engaging, well-told tale." — Kirkus Reviews

"Brave, compassionate Danny, who embraces his incorrect grammar as symbolic of his identity, is worth cheering for." —Publishers Weekly

DANNY AIN'T won the BABRA Award (Bay Area Book Reviewers Association) as Best Book for Children in 1992. 

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