Sunday, June 1, 2008

Name my characters. Please.

Name that character!

Writing about my past, I use some of the people I've known as models. Just as a painter converts a live model into something quite different on canvas, I convert live memories into something new and independent on the page. The first step is to change the name. With that change, I gain the freedom to create.

Please help me. Right now I need to name two female grad students. One is in History, one is in English. At Stanford. They rent a scruffy little bungalow in a bad neighborhood. They appear perfectly normal on the outside except for one thing: They share the use of a big old white 1963 Cadillac. What are their (fictional) names?

And if I choose your suggested pair of names, what can I offer you as a prize?

1 comment:

  1. Amy and Pat. Nothing fluffy or California.

    A prize? Free books? ;-)

    Thank you for stopping by . . . this blog of yours is now on my blogroll because it's so interesting. I am not actually in Glover, but in Barton; but the Glover store that I blogged about is the better store (ssshhhh).