Monday, July 13, 2009

Babcock: The podcast

I have to apologize. I had the podcast of Babcock all ready to go a month ago with a theme song called "Papa's Blues" that comes straight out of the book. Just as I was getting ready to upload, I happened to be talking to my songwriting partner and we had one of those "aha!" moments - and suddenly a new song emerged, called "Dragonfly." If you're a creative person, these are the moments you live for when it seems like all the meandering threads of your life, and your partner's life, converge for one moment and something divine happens.

As with "Papa's Blues," the song "Dragonfly" also comes straight out of the book. Now I have to integrate it into the podcast. Sorry, but it's worth waiting for.

If you follow the links, you can listen to a preview of the songs:


Papa's Blues

That book cover, by the way, is by a very talented artist named Shane Evans.

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