Thursday, July 9, 2009


Colleen Mondor of the blog Chasing Ray reviewed Clear Heart back in May while I was on my book tour, and I just found out about it. I'm proud because she's one of the most insightful reviewers out there, and she loved the book. You can read the entire review here. The conclusion is:
By the time I closed the final page I thought wow - this is the book every 17 year old boy needs to read. It's about men and women (and how to treat each other); it's about choosing your friends wisely, and it's about work which is something we are all supposed to plan to do but no one ever seems to teach us how to do it well. I simply thought it was wonderful. Highly recommended for discerning teens and anyone interested in a good read about some good people.

Colleen reviews YA titles, so that's the slant of her review. Funny how every time I write a book for and about adults, it ends up appealing to teens, too.


  1. Hi Joe,

    This last review made me order "Clear Heart" finally. It sat over here on the workshop's window sill on Friday morning. I opened the book the very same day, plunged into and left it only this morning on the bookshelf. What a great read. Thanks.

    Marc in Luxembourg, Europe

  2. Luxembourg! Glad you liked it, Marc.