Thursday, July 9, 2009

There will always be laundry

Laundry of Shanghai...
So what's this got to do with construction - or writing - or anything?
I've never seen an architect's rendering of a proposed building that included laundry hanging out to dry.
But laundry happens. I have a passage in Clear Heart that goes:
“If I lived here,” Abe said, “I’d erect a telescope here. Great platform for stargazing.”
“And daytime,” Juke said, “you could check the downhill neighbors. Some lady of leisure. Watch ‘em sunbathe nude and rub up with coconut oil.”
“They do that?”
“I know for a fact. All them rich ladies.”
“If you say so,” Abe said, shrugging. “They’re also mothers, you know. They have children and laundry and stuff.”
Somehow we never include laundry in our sex dreams. Or our fancy plans. Do you think the Chinese architects and builders who drew up scale models and spiffy drawings of those high rises in the background included laundry hanging from the balconies?

There will always be laundry. Including bright red jammies.

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