Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Kidnapped Handyman

I love this story: a handyman installed a water heater, didn't get paid by the landlord, then repossessed the heater.  The son of a tenant beat up the handyman, forced him to perform additional work, then kidnapped him.  After kidnapping the handyman, the kidnapper stopped for gas at a minimart and got into an argument with the cashier about a bag of trail mix.  While they argued, the handyman escaped.  And that's not even the weird part...

It's all here, in a hilarious column by Scott Herhold of the San Jose Mercury News.

Reminds me of a dispute I had over a recirculating pump for a water heater: The Bill (Part Two).  I actually tried to kill a client by giving him a heart attack.

People, please pay your handymen.  We get a little upset when we feel we're being stiffed.

Sometimes things just get out of control.

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