Saturday, August 4, 2012

Practice Kindness

Readers, I urge you, if you enjoy an author who is not a big seller, send him or her an appreciative email.  It's the only reward most authors receive these days.  We certainly aren't in it for the money.

Here's an email that arrived this morning from a stranger who is located in Tampa, two thousand eight hundred ninety-six point one miles from my home in La Honda.  I've never met her, but her words gave me a glow that will last all week:

Thank you.  For writing and doing the fabulous podcasts of your work your books quite simply make me smile.  I love the characters who seem so real and down-to-earth, not just two dimensional or the usual caricatures, but complex, flawed and for the most part, so well intentioned. Kind of like your readers I imagine. Certainly this one. I sit down with an episode or two with a cup of coffee and the kind of sweet anticipation that these days passes for quiet excitement - from one old hippie to another, we really did/do have a lot of things right.
Bravo, please don't stop sharing your work.
I got mine.  Now try this.  Nurture some other obscure author (and these days, most of us are obscure).  With a few keystrokes you, dear reader, have the power to warm some writer's world.


  1. I've read every blog entry you have posted. It took me a year but I went back in your archives and just went forward. I'm reading your famous potatoes book right now. I was a little shocked at first by it but it is definitely you're voice. It reads just as well as your blog.
    Are you done pod casting? Can I look forward to reading your blog again in the morning?

  2. Wow, Ralph, that was a lot of reading! I'll continue the blog soon. I dropped out for a while to work on the next podcast.

    Famous Potatoes was my voice when I was a lot younger. Clear Heart is my voice now. Same person, different centuries.