Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lit Night at Sullivan's Pub

Literature is alive in the redwoods.
And a whole lotta fun.
Last Wednesday
we had our monthly
reading at Sullivan's Pub
in La Honda.

Reflecting the demographics of the town,
three of the readers
were building contractors
(myself, Terry Adams,
and new reader Bob Shelton).

Also reading was a high school teacher (Randy Vail),
a garden designer (Diane Moomey),
an acupuncturist (Kathryn Ryan, who got us writing some great six-word memoirs),
a musician (Gary Horsman),
and more (Bill Bishop, top,
plus Paris and Vanessa).

Tom Lichtenberg read bathtub stories, to the delight of his son Johnny.

We heard poems, stories, rants, and a couple of songs ranging from the profound to the profane.

We even had a literary trivia contest, lead by Jane Sullivan herself.

We had a lovely audience, young and old.

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