Monday, March 1, 2010


They're late this year in La Honda. Something about the climate wasn't to their liking. But a misty fog clears, and they're here at last, in abundance.

It always fascinates me how the buds are pink, but the flowers quickly turn to that rich blue as they are exposed to the light. Occasionally, I see one that remained pink (always in a shadow). Then with more exposure, the deep blue fades to a pale shade.

Myosotis Latifolia. Of the Borage family (Boraginaceae).


  1. i used to live on Alpine Rd in Portola Valley (old Alpine Road) when u could still drive it all the way up to LaHonda. Now I live in Alaska, and have for 40 yrs. How many people live in LaHonda nowadays? anyway greetings from AK (and no I never voted for Sarah Palin haha)

  2. Hello Alaska! I remember when I used to go up old Alpine Road before it washed out. Nowadays La Honda has about 1500 people if you count all the remote cabins (including people who are hiding out and will never be counted in the census).