Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'32 Ford, '80 Calendar, '64 Story

I took this photo of Ken's workshop in September, 2008. The calendar hasn't been turned since September, 1980. The hubcap is from Ken's 1932 Ford pickup. I guess the good things in life don't need to change.

Speaking of pickups, I remember Ken driving that truck - or maybe it was a later model - with the bed full of garbage. He'd haul the trash from one of the summer camps and dump it way back in the woods on his land. He told me bears started hanging out at his dump, waiting for the camp food, and after a while they learned his schedule. Further, Ken told me, the bears got so comfortable there that they wouldn't run away as he approached in his truck. In fact, as he turned the truck around and put it in reverse, those bears would stand there giving hand signals, helping him back up. . .

(Continuing my homage to hardware and hard work. You can click on the photo to make it larger.)

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