Monday, November 10, 2008

Almost Out

Yee haw! After two months of proofreading, corrections, resubmission, more proofreading, more corrections, resubmission, more proofreading... It's done. In a few days, I should hold the actual physical book in my hands. Here's the bookjacket:If you click on the image, you should get a larger view.

And something I just realized - there's no price on it. I think they were planning to charge $19.95, and yeah, I know the expense sounds high for a paperback. Even though it's self-published, the price is out of my control. The printer uses a formula based on what the fixed cost is to print it. Since it's print-on-demand, the cost of printing a single copy is higher (though surprisingly not much higher) than the cost of running off thousands of copies in a batch.

Still to come, they have to mail me an actual printed proof copy, and I have to approve it. (So far, I've been proofing PDFs.) Let's hope it's OK on the first pass this time (though given the record so far, it would take a miracle.) Nevertheless, I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks, you should be able to order it on Amazon. Or if you prefer, you could order it directly from me, and I'll be delighted to sign a copy and mail it. I'll set something up on my web site, though it will probably be extremely low tech - like, mail me a check for the price of the book plus $10 for postage and handling, tell me how you want it inscribed, and I'll send back a book.

For this moment, though, let me just glory in the pleasure of a job nearly done.

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  1. Great news. Keep us informed.