Friday, May 10, 2013

365 Jobs: An Embarrassing Moment

October 4, 1984

An Embarrassing Moment

Mild stomach flu but a full day’s labor:
pipes soldered, drywall patched.  Done.
Motoring home in my pickup
among the mansions of Atherton
after dark, without warning I
suddenly need to — immediately —
must absolutely at this moment
take an extreme

Stop the truck.  Out.
In front of a vast estate I squat behind a
lawn sign and let fly
among some pumpkins.
As I rebuckle beside
the steaming puddle,
lights come on flooding
the garden while an alarm
starts blatting and a dark dog is
running.  A man is shouting
through the glare but I’m gone
and accelerating while the dog chases
my left rear wheel so I never hear
the words but maybe the man is thanking me
for the fertilizer or exhorting me to vote for Ron.
I regret missing his
statement having already
made mine.

1 comment:

  1. I think you should have gone back to hear what he had to say. Might have swayed you to his way of thinking.
    I'll be chuckling to myself for days thinking of this post.