Monday, February 18, 2013

365 Jobs: Handyman Sketches: New Tenants, Love Baby

Don't Blame Me, I'm Just Here to Fix the Garbage Disposal: Part Three

New Tenants

Arabian girl
explosive hair
olive skin
so thin
bare toes curling on the floor.
Father wants
a deadbolt lock
on her bedroom door.

Quietly she glares
eyes of dark jade.
He keeps both keys.
I do as paid.

Love Baby and Teen Boy

Last night a man kicked open her front door.
"Nothing like this has ever happened before,"
Manager Larry says with pursed lips.

The lady is cradling an ebony
infant in her arms.
"This one's my love baby
and he's all mine," she tells me.
"Love," she winks, "with a restraining order."

As I rebuild the splintered frame
a teen boy scowls in silence from across the room,
leg twitching, soul aflame.

Note: Among my contracting jobs, for many years I've served as the on-call handyman for a group of townhouse-style apartments — or rental units — or whatever one should call an enclosed square of two-story dwellings in a subdivision of Sunnyvale, California.  It's steady money.  As a minor league writer, I need that.
I tried to summarize the experience in prose, but verse seems to work best.  Most of the events took place in the 1980s though a few are more recent.  This is Part Three of a series.

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