Monday, September 17, 2012

Danny Ain't on YouTube

Audiobooks on YouTube? Well, yeah.  Lots of people listen to music on YouTube, much of it displaying nothing but a static album cover.  So why not a book?

It's an experiment.  While my podcast host, has been down for a few days (making all my podcasts temporarily inaccessible, even from iTunes —sorry), I started thinking about YouTube as an alternative.

Here's the result:

Episode 01

and Danny Ain't, episode 02:

If feedback is good, I'll upload the rest of the episodes.  Please — let me know what you think.

And good news: podiobooks is now back on the air, and so are my podcasts.  I'll upload the Danny Ain't podcast this week and let everybody know when it's ready for downloading.  Or you can get an advance listen on YouTube.

The images, by the way, are various versions of the bookcover, ranging from the original hardback edition to sketches for an ebook cover through various stages.  The two versions of coyotes on a hillside are by the wonderful Chartan, while the final ebook version is by Melody Pilotte.  Then there's a photo of Will Fourt, the singer on the intro and outro.  At the end there's an old photo of myself from the original Danny Ain't bookjacket, which was published in 1992.

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