Thursday, October 13, 2011

David Brookshaw's Tool Chests

Mini Tool Chest by David Brookshaw
Three years ago I wrote a blog post about a fantastic tool chest built by a Civil War vet named Henry O. Studley.  In the post, I said, "We need more nuts in this world."

Well, here's another nut.  Unlike the full-scale tools of Henry O. Studley, David Brookshaw builds miniature tools and miniature tool chests.  If I had this guy's skills, I could cram a lot more items into my truck.  (On the other hand, I'm not sure how I'd use a pipe wrench that's shorter than my pinkie finger.)

Thanks to Kari Hultman's Village Carpenter blog, which turned me onto this guy.  She has more photos of his work.

If you click on the photo, you can see more detail


  1. I'd like to see how he's able to work this small. I wonder if he used the tools he makes to make more tools (tiny chisels to shape tool handles for example).

  2. Good question. Now you've got me wondering about how the laws of physics apply to these tools. If those shears, for example, are 1/12 scale, then the blade is 1/12 the thickness and the hinge is 1/12 the diameter of actual shears. The tool would crumble if it were put to use. The same would apply to a chisel.

    The skills involved in making these tools must be similar to building a ship in a bottle.

    It all seems somehow so very British... Daffy and delightful.