Monday, August 24, 2009

Reading at Sullivan's Pub

Join me at Sullivan's in La Honda on Wednesday, August 26 starting around 6:30 for some tears-in-your-beer poetry. Oh, and also, we seem to have developed a reputation for reading poems about "genitalia," as Jane Sullivan so delicately puts it. Not so. We treat all of the human body with equal irony. And, really, our subject matter is the human heart. Bring your own body parts, and come listen.

I've posted a photostream of recent readings at this flickr location. Please note that almost everybody is fully clothed. This is, after all, a serious literary event. Plus a bit of stand-up comedy.

Ground rules:
1) Buy something to drink. It pays the rent, plus it makes everybody more friendly.
2) Keep it under 10 minutes.
3) Dress code: Whatever. Or nothing.

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