Monday, June 22, 2009

Living with the Past

The city of Lucca dates back to about 300 years before Christ, though settlements existed during the Stone Age. In the 16th century the city built its fourth and final wall around itself, a wall so massive that now an entire city park sits on top of it including this slightly out-of-plumb light pole and this stone lion.

The light pole and lion are relative youngsters, given the history of the place, but they maintain the old-time vibe.

The sign is announcing Barsotti Construction, which is building something behind the wire fence. Whatever they construct, I bet they make sure it blends in. On this spot we have 2000 years of blending already.

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  1. Kind of interesting to me.... my mother's father's family is originally from Lucca, and the name of his adopted father was Barsotti.