Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living with the Past: Doors

Sometimes you improvise and hope it doesn't collapse before you get back to it ... maybe ... later...
Vernazza, Italy

Sometimes you've got a whole house to fix up, and the door will just have to wait...
San Donato, Italy

Sometimes you've got a church that's fallen on hard times, and new hinges just aren't in the budget...
Piacenza, Italy

Sometimes you go your own way...
Monterosso, Italy

And then sometimes you get it mostly right: not too grandiose but nicely, simply styled in harmony with the ancient city you're a part of. You're sorry about the kickplates, (and maybe you wish you'd used a dark bronze) but it's a tough neighborhood, and money's kinda tight, and the people who installed that gas meter on the lower left already messed up a couple of stones. Life is a compromise. You deal with it.
Lucca, Italy

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