Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clear Heart available on Kindle

If anybody out there has a Kindle, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you tell me how well the book survived being run through the digital grinder and sent to your Kindle screen? Does it look okay?

Here's a link to the Kindle edition: Clear Heart.

I don't have a Kindle, and I don't know anybody who has a Kindle. So I have no idea what's being sold to the world in my name. And it's my name, my reputation that will suffer if they did a bad job.

I already know it's a little different from the printed book, because I had to make some changes to the manuscript before they would accept it. Kindle won’t accept Unicode, if you know what that is (I didn’t). My manuscript contains a couple of Greek characters set in unicode (the symbol theta used in sine and cosine equations), so I had to rewrite a couple of sentences leaving out the equations, which is a shame. I wonder how many other books had their content rewritten to be published on Kindle?


  1. Can't answer your question, but I do have a nice, new paperback of Clear Heart just waiting to be read. :o)

  2. I notice they didn't post the reviews you received for the print edition. What's with that?

    I've seen Amazon cross-link reviews for books and movies across editions or formats. Do they not do that for Kindle? Or will they do it soon / in the future?

    Not that I have a Kindle. But it seems like the Kindlers should be able to see at a glance how wonderful your readers think "Clear Heart" is.

  3. Can't answer your questions, Susan. I'm just an itty bitty writer caught in the huge Amazon machinery.