Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back home

I've got a little catching up to do.  365 Jobs will resume soon.

Meanwhile, for the rest of July, all my ebooks are on deep discount.  Like, 100% discount.  They're free.  This offer is good for the month of July.  Simply "purchase" the ebook from  Use the "buy" button, then enter the discount code SSWSF.  The ebooks are available in all ebook formats including Kindle.

Besides my previous titles, I'm pleased to announce that Four Dog Riot is newly available as an ebook.  Like the other titles, you can get it at Smashwords.  For July, it's free.  After that, it will cost 99 cents.

Some links:

Four Dog Riot  at Smashwords.

Clear Heart  at Smashwords.

Babcock  at Smashwords.

Boone Barnaby  at Smashwords.

Famous Potatoes  at Smashwords.

Remember, use the "buy" button, then enter the discount code SSWSF.  July only.

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